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SanDisk confirms death of TakeTV and Fanfare (CNET)

SanDisk confirms that it's Fanfare video download service is being killed off, and the TakeTV hardware will no longer be sold. [News Source]

SanDisk Takes Fanfare, TakeTV To the Deadpool (TechCrunch)

FanFare, SanDisk’s free, ad-supported content portal, has been shuttered along with their ill-fated TakeTV video solution. TakeTV was a little device that you plugged into your computer, filled up with media, and then carried to your TV. FanFare was supposed to supply exciting, free content for the player. Anyone who knows anything about the average [...] [News Source]

No One Takes To TakeTV; SanDisk Closes Video-To-TV Service After Eight Months (CBS News)

Wow, that was really quick, and meanwhile, the dream of moving online video to TV continues to be just that, Youtube-on-boobtube type deals notwithstanding: Sandisk has closed down its USB PC-to-TV video device TakeTV, along with its accompanying online service Fanfare, about eight months after it announced the service, reports NTV. The concept of the service was a simple one: a USB flash drive ... [News Source]

What the digirati want in 2008 (Hindustan Times)

Let's get a little ambitious in 2008. How about a pen drive that let's you watch your downloaded videos on your TV screen? Well with SanDisk Sansa TakeTV Video Player Pen Drive aquires a different dimension. The working is rather simple. Just download the videos to the TakeTV flash drive and plug it into the TakeTV cradle for viewing. That's it, no wires, cables or complicated hookups, just plug and play with the included remote. [News Source]

Get gifts for your techie’s gadgets (Denver Post)

Shopping for gadget lovers or technophiles isn't always the easiest task. ... For the Internet lover: Sansa TakeTV from SanDisk — $100 for 4GB or $150 for 8GB. The Sansa TakeTV is an inexpensive and simple way to transfer videos from your computer to a USB flash storage drive that you can hook up to your TV to view the videos. It works on both PCs and Macs but only supports the following formats: DivX, xVid and MPEG-4. It does come with a remote, and the video-playback quality is good. [News Source]

Tech presents can be tricky (Akron Beacon Journal)

Shopping for gadget lovers or technophiles isn't always the easiest task. Unless you know the exact model of the device they want, they might be disappointed when they unwrap your gift. You also run the risk of giving them something they already have or don't want. [News Source]

Top 10: Hottest Gadgets For 2008 (AskMen)

The hottest gadgets for 2008 Every year, gadgets come out that rock the foundations of what’s possible and bring us closer to the world of tomorrow. ... With the SanDisk Sansa TakeTV Video Player, your computer and your television become a harmonious unit. The ability to easily take video from your computer and watch it on your TV means that there are no more boundaries between these two technologies; leaving video to be seen as it was meant to be. [News Source]

SanDisk Sansa TakeTV 4GB Review (I4U)

Sandisk introduced the Sansa TakeTV in October. The Sandisk TakeTV is a USB flash drive that comes with a cradle that you can connect to a TV and watch the videos stored on the flash memory. Our review partner Digital Trends published a review of the T... [News Source]

NBC continues anything-but-Apple strategy with SanDisk deal (Ars Technica)

NBC has announced yet another initiative to digitally distribute some of its TV content, this time through a partnership with SanDisk. Universal is also testing simultaneous digital and DVD release through Vudu, rounding out 2007 as the year of "Anything but Apple." Read More... [News Source]

SanDisk Sansa TakeTV Review (DesignTechnica)

The SanDisk Sansa TakeTV is a flash drive with video output so you can take your movies from your PC and watch them on your TV. [News Source]