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Sonic brings CinemaNow films to flash drives, connected devices (Engadget)

We can only hope that the travesty that is slotMusic isn't coming over to the film side, but just days after Disney announced its intentions to offer up major motion pictures on microSD cards, Sonic Solutions has stepped in to bring CinemaNow flicks to USB flash drives. Unlike you'd probably think this would work, Sonic has actually developed these to function in more than one place. Each stick ... [News Source]

10 Weirdest Ways to Distribute Music (Wired News)

Music fans don’t buy as many plastic discs as they used to, but enterprising artists and labels have devised new ways to sell music that give fans something to collect. We've rounded up the 10 weirdest music distribution techniques we could find, from soup cans to sonic Buddhas. Feel free to add your own suggestions below. [News Source]