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No PC needed for new Sansa music player (Chicago Tribune)

Posted by Eric Benderoff at 5:53 p.m. In a product category dominated by Apple Inc., the portable music players by memory-card maker SanDisk Corp. are often overlooked. [News Source]

A plug-and-play way to convert your media collection (The Globe and Mail)

Despite a few hiccups, the iRecord Pro is a simple solution for those looking to translate records, tapes and TV with minimum fuss [News Source]

Sandisk working on touchscreen MP3 player? (MacNN)

Sandisk has recently trademarked the Sansa Tap name, suggesting the company is working on a touchscreen MP3 player, according to a DAPReview report on Monday. While there is no other information to go on regarding the nature of the possible device, the existence of competition making touch-based devices, the name, and a perceived consensus on high demand for the players points to Sansa Tap as ... [News Source]

SanDisk working on “Sansa Tap” trademark (Engadget)

It could come to nothing, but the enterprising crew at DAPReview just dug up a SanDisk trademark filing for a player called the "Sansa Tap." The mark hasn't been granted yet, but it's been a while since we've seen a new Sansa -- and no, the thoroughly ridiculous SlotMusic Player doesn't count. We'll see how it goes -- we'd love SanDisk to blow our minds with some crazy MusicGremlin-powered ... [News Source]

Getting iTunes podcasts on a Sansa Fuze–Ask the Editors (CNET)

In this week's MP3 Mailbox Monday blog, Jasmine explains how you can cull from iTunes in order to get podcasts for you SanDisk MP3 player. [News Source]

The Sound Investment (New York Daily News)

Picking out your favorite tunes is easy, but finding the right digital music player can be as hard as listening to Ozzy Osbourne sing Ave Maria. [News Source]

MP3 players that hit the 32GB sweet spot (San Francisco Chronicle)

Apple iPod Touch Cnet rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 (outstanding) The good: Has it all: music, videos, photos, podcasts, e-mail, Web browsing, Internet radio, games, Nike+, Wi-Fi music downloads and an App Store. The bad: May be overwhelming to users looking for... [News Source]