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SanDisk Unveils World’s First Button Backup USB Flash Drive (MENAFN)

SanDisk Unveils World's First Button Backup USB Flash Drive [News Source]

10 devices for $100 or less (Rocky Mountain News)

This year's International Consumer Electronics Show featured many innovative, stylish, useful and fun products that can be had for less than $100. Here's a sampling. [News Source]

The quest for the perfect portable media player (Louisville Courier-Journal)

Sony checked in with its most advanced portable since the original Walkman. The new Walkman X-series uses OLED display technology, has built-in Wi-Fi Web browsing and includes noise-cancellation headphones. [News Source]

LG and SanDisk team up for memory card-based content protection scheme (Engadget)

It's not quite slotMusic , but it looks like SanDisk is intent on offering yet another option for memory card-bound content, and this time its enlisted the help of LG to make it happen. This setup is intended to let cellphone carriers offer content that would only be able to be used on "approved handsets" on their network, which is apparently made possible by allowing IP connectivity to the ... [News Source]

Sharp does the unthinkable, intros slotMusic-friendly sound systems (Engadget)

Whoa, Sharp -- wait just a minute. Did you really just introduce a pair of music systems that get down with slotMusic players? Though it's practically impossible for us to believe that such an occurrence has just, um, occurred, the 160-watt XL-DH258NH and 64-watt XL-DH228NH micro-audio systems actually do include a USB port for syncing up with SanDisk slotMusic players (along with any ... [News Source]

Hands On with Sansa’s Billboard slotRadio (Tom’s Hardware)

Back in October SanDisk announced slotMusic, and with it the Sansa slotMusic Player. slotMusic is basically microSDs with pre-loaded, DRM-free MP3s. Basically a last ditch effort to rescue the continuously declining physical music sales.We sort of poo-poo [News Source]

SlotMusic headphones ditch the MP3 player (The New Zealand Herald)

LAS VEGAS - A new model of headphones can play MP3s themselves, without connecting to a separate device. [News Source]

Sales show SanDisk’s SD-not-CD player a hit with punters (The Register)

Contributing healthily some some album sales CES Though its still too early to say if SanDisk's SlotMusic idea has been barking up the wrong tree or not a few interesting details cropped up at its CES launch event this week.… [News Source]

Four cents a song makes SlotRadio hard to ignore (CNET)

In this case, the key to success boils down to clever song selection. SanDisk just made things a lot more interesting. [News Source]

SlotPhones combine a headset with a MP3 player (Canoe Technology)

LAS VEGAS - A new model of headphones can play MP3s themselves, without connecting to a separate device. [News Source]