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Wi-Fi Product Watch 2008 (Wi-Fi Planet)

SanDisk's 16GB microSDHC cards now available; Epson's new Artisan 800 Wi-Fi printer. [News Source]

Sandisk SlotMusic Review (I4U)

Sandisk announced the Sansa SlotMusic players two weeks ago. The SlotMusic is built for the music sold on microSD cards, a scheme that still has to prove itself to be successful. Our review partner Digital Trends tested the SlotMusic player. Quote from ... [News Source]

Audio: Getting slotMusic on a Memory Chip (US News & World Report)

WTOP interview about memory cards with preloaded music carving out a niche. [News Source]

Will buyers eat up music on flash memory cards? (The Myrtle Beach Sun News)

As you're shopping for presents this holiday season, you may notice something new in the music aisle beyond the latest CD from Britney Spears: albums on flash memory cards. Whether you'll want to buy one is an open question. Dubbed slotMusic, the albums will come on microSD cards, a fingernail-size memory format that fits into a port on an increasing number of cell phones and other gadgets. [News Source]

SanDisk and Samsung: Another One Bites the Dust (The Motley Fool)

Samsung leaves SanDisk at the altar, but what else is new? [News Source]

Samsung Drops Bid to Acquire SanDisk (Wired News)

Samsung withdraws its bid to acquire SanDisk as reviewers make fun of its new slotMusic program for selling music on flash cards. But that’s no reason for the corporation to feel sad and lonely. [News Source]

SanDisk Developing 128 GB Micro-SD Card For 2011 Release (PhysOrg)

( -- SanDisk one of the global leaders in flash storage cards is in the development stage of manufacturing a 128 gigabyte micro-SD card for cell phones. According to Deccan Herald of India, SanDisk´s Chief Operating Officer, Sanjay Mehrotra, "the tiny thumb-nail size micro-SD card will have the storage capacity equal to today´s PCs." Mr. Mehrotra visited SanDisk´s India Design Centre ... [News Source]

Samsung withdraws bid for SanDisk, hurts with words (Engadget)

Filed under: Storage Citing SanDisk's "rapidly declining prospects," Samsung has withdrawn its hostile takover bid . In a letter just released by Vice Chairman and CEO Lee Yoon-woo, Samsung writes, "After nearly six months of efforts to pursue a transaction with no meaningful progress, we are withdrawing our proposal to acquire SanDisk." The letter then turn a shade more nasty with ... [News Source]

SanDisk Comments on Samsung’s Withdrawal of Proposal (Centre Daily Times)

SanDisk(R) Corporation (NASDAQ: SNDK), the world's largest supplier of flash storage card products, today issued the following statement in response to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd's (KSE: 005930) announcement that it has withdrawn its unsolicited, non-binding proposal to acquire SanDisk for $26 per share in cash: [News Source]

TECH CHRONICLES / A daily dose of postings from The Chronicle’s technology blog ( (San Francisco Chronicle)

SanDisk offers $19.99 player for music card SanDisk knows you can't just say you want to replace the CD, you've got to go all out to ensure your format becomes the new standard for physical music delivery. So, after releasing pre-loaded microSD cards, called... [News Source]