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Sansa MP3 player smokes iPod nano for $39.99 shipped (CNET)

A nano with equivalent storage sells for $60 more and has nowhere near as many features. [News Source]

Review: In an iPod Nano world, some rivals lure (PhysOrg)

(AP) -- It's easy to understand the appeal of Apple Inc.'s iPod Nano music and video player: It's slim and simple to use, and it has a crisp 2-inch LCD screen. Its brand name is considered synonymous with hip tech gear. But what if you want a player that looks different from those wielded by the Nano army, costs less, includes features like an FM radio or voice recorder, and lets you drag and drop songs from your computer desktop instead of going through Apple's iTunes software? [News Source]

Dell aims at the iPod, again (TG Daily)

Dell is ready to return to the MP3 player battlefield and take another shot at Apple’s iPod. Following the Digital Jukebox (Dell DJ), which was introduced in 2003 and scrapped in 2006, Dell apparently believes that it has now what it takes to compete with the iPod for market share. [News Source]

Dell may try to compete with Apple’s iPod once again (BetaNews)

Talk of Dell's movements in handheld technology have been at a high recently, with rumors of a smartphone from the company and now of a new digital music player to compete with Apple's iPod. [News Source]

Pack Up Back-to-School Backpacks With Cool Tools From SanDisk (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)

MILPITAS, Calif.----Students heading back to school this year have more technology needs than ever. SanDisk Corporation , a world leader in flash memory, is ready to help with exciting new tools that make the return to class more rewarding and fun. [News Source]

SanDisk’s Eli Harari helped launch digital revolution (Boston Herald)

SAN JOSE, Calif. - If it hadn't been for his wife, Britt, as SanDisk co-founder Eli Harari tells it, the restless young physicist that he was in the 1970s might have... [News Source]

SanDisk takes on iPod (The Courier Mail)

APPLE'S seemingly omnipotent iPod has got some serious competition in the MP3-player market in the shape of SanDisk's new Sansa Fuze. [News Source]

Loose Change: Gadget (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

The SanDisk Sansa Fuze is better than the iPod in many aspects. [News Source]

Sansa Clip MP3 player (The Register)

Molecule-sized micro MP3 player Review Come September, a version of the Sansa Clip with revised firmware will hit the streets in the UK, giving us an excuse to rustle one up and have a retrospective shoofty.… [News Source]

Gadgets: An $80 portable media player? (Miami Herald)

You're far from alone if your first thought is "iPod" when "MP3" or "portable music player" are mentioned. But you shouldn't be afraid to go a different direction toward the SanDisk Sansa Fuze. [News Source]