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SanDisk confirms death of TakeTV and Fanfare (CNET)

SanDisk confirms that it's Fanfare video download service is being killed off, and the TakeTV hardware will no longer be sold. [News Source]

SanDisk Takes Fanfare, TakeTV To the Deadpool (TechCrunch)

FanFare, SanDisk’s free, ad-supported content portal, has been shuttered along with their ill-fated TakeTV video solution. TakeTV was a little device that you plugged into your computer, filled up with media, and then carried to your TV. FanFare was supposed to supply exciting, free content for the player. Anyone who knows anything about the average [...] [News Source]

Ultrathin MP3 Players (AskMen)

When it comes to MP3 players, size matters. And as we've seen from the emergence of devices such as the MacBook Air, thin is in. [News Source]

No One Takes To TakeTV; SanDisk Closes Video-To-TV Service After Eight Months (CBS News)

Wow, that was really quick, and meanwhile, the dream of moving online video to TV continues to be just that, Youtube-on-boobtube type deals notwithstanding: Sandisk has closed down its USB PC-to-TV video device TakeTV, along with its accompanying online service Fanfare, about eight months after it announced the service, reports NTV. The concept of the service was a simple one: a USB flash drive ... [News Source]