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Sandisk Sansa Shaker (

Aimed squarely at younger children - or those buying for them - this salt shaker shaped MP3 player is an interesting offering from a company that has given this category a new, value-end, lease of life in recent times. [News Source]

Gadget clinic (Guardian Unlimited)

Bobbie Johnson: Since the launch of the new Microsoft operating system last year, plenty of mp3 manufacturers have discovered compatibility problems: even Microsoft's own Zune music player has had some issues [News Source]

Gadgets for niches of the future (The News & Observer)

The flow of news out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas seems greater than ever before, but rather than finding overarching themes, I'm seeing individual products, some of them evolving into niches whose future shape is not clear. Let [News Source]

Children A Viable Market For MP3 Players? ( via Yahoo! Finance)

As the number of children using portable digital music players has grown, so too has the demand for specialized players, accessories and child-targeted video and music content. AdAge has a feature on the youngest demographic of the digital music market, reporting that one third of children aged 6 to 10 have a portable MP3 player. [News Source]

Tag: sans (ZDNet Australia)

Sometimes, it's not easy to leave the Googleplex. [News Source]

CES prize goes to wireless memory card (Ventura County Star)

A memory card that wirelessly sends pictures from a digital camera to a computer — letting you skip the tedium of plugging the camera in to upload images — got bragging rights at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show. [News Source]

20 January 2008 (Planet Analog)

One of the most startling surprises (disappointments) of CES 2008 was seeing the extent to which several major brands, including such heavyweights as Panasonic and Sony, have taken the CEC functionality of HDMI and run off to do their own, semi-incompatible thing with it. [News Source]

XM and Sirius Should Shack Up (The Motley Fool)

Shareholders of the companies keep waiting and waiting on a merger. [News Source]

Just a Thought – Macbook Air: The Wrong Envelope (The Mac Observer)

Well, I hate to say it, but this time I believe Apple missed the mark with the MacBook Air [News Source]

CES Wrap-Up: retro-innovation, more video and imaging highlights (EETimes)

CES 2008 addressed the myriad entanglements of technological possibilities and Hollywood copyrights, and in terms of the viewing public having now graduated on a massive scale to big-screen high-def displays. [News Source]